I'm Steven Boutcher QA Automation Engineer & Front-End Developer

me throwing the peace sign outside Target

Journeys & Side Quests


GIF of me doing parkour

Creative movement for efficient navigation

- since 2010 -

Bring out your inner monkey


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Software QA

stock image representing software testing

Testing apps, websites, APIs, etc.

- since 2020 -

also, automating those tests


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Web Development

stock image of a laptop screen with HTML/CSS/JavaScript code and the word JavaScript overlaying it

Making magic documents on the internet

- since 2017 -

*ahem* *points at this website*


International Travel

Sam and I standing next at a gate in the Royal Alcazar of Sevilla

Experiencing as much of the world as possible

- since 2016 -

One misadventure at a time



wedding photo of me and Sam in an autumn forest

Being married to my best friend!

- since 2021 -

My heart grew 3 sizes that day


Video Games

the start screen for my favorite video game, Spiderman 2

Going on simulated adventures in strange lands

- since 2004 -




a violin

The musical instrument closest to the human voice

- since 2004 -

Deal with the devil not required to play



A view from the setas in Sevilla of the city at night

Reading, writing, listening, and speaking Castilian Spanish.

- since 2008 -

I could not roll my R's until 2013


Driving Stick

manual transmission gear shift

It's like regular driving but more vroom vroom

- since 2019 -

Only 18% of Americans can drive stick